Sabbahi to file a lawsuit against TV presenter over “spreading lies”
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUM7/Ahmed Ismail

CAIRO: Former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi decided to file a lawsuit against Sada Al-balad TV channel along with its presenter Ahmed Moussa over “taking quotes out of pretext and spreading lies.” according to a statement Published on Sabbahi’s official Facebook page Thursday.

Sabbahi said that Moussa has deliberately fabricated news during his show in an attempt “to incite sedition and cause dissension between President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and number of the political figures including Sabbahi.”

According to the statement, Sabbahi’s Legal advisers, Hamid Gabr and Tariq Ngeda, will take all the legal measures against the channel, as “what was done by it cannot be considered in anyway freedom of media or expression, but intentional spread of lies that could affect the society’s stability.”

The statement added that this decision has been taken by Sabbahi, “clarifying the truth and revealing the lies that have been told by Moussa and his channel constantly.”

According to the statement, Sabbahi and his supports have been used used to ignore these kinds of lies in respect for their constitutional right of freedom of expression, however, the channel never stopped; thus “we had to take this move.”

During his talk show aired last week, Mousa accused Sabbahi along with other political figures with launching a campaign to topple Sisi.

Moussa said that they launched a campaign dubbed “Not My president”, similar to Tamarod’s campaign that toppled former President Mohamed Morsi.

In a statement released Tuesday Dec.30, Sabbahi denied lunching any kind of campaigns to topple President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, assuring that the viral claims are “totally untrue.”

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