7 students referred to military tribunal
Car set to fire during clashes in Gesr el-Suez district, Cairo - YOUM7/Emad Abdel Rahman

CAIRO: Seven students, reportedly affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood, were referred to a military tribunal over charges of riots that took place in the campus of Mansoura University in 2013, Youm7 reported Friday.

The students were arrested in October 28, 2013, and the Mansoura prosecution accused them of disrupting public security and threatening social peace. They were also charged with committing violent acts, inciting riots, possessing weapons and flares and attacking public installations

Their referral to a military court in not the first of its kind and it comes after Egypt expanded, through a presidential decree issued in October, the jurisdiction of military tribunals to try civilians over charges threatening the country’s national security, including attacking public facilities or blocking roads.

Hundreds of defendants, affiliated with the Brotherhood, were referred to be tried before military judiciary in December 2014, in what appears to be a retroactive application of October presidential decree.

In Dec. 29, two Brotherhood defendants were referred to a military court for blocking a railway road in August 2014. Some 312 defendants, including the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, will be also tried before a military tribunal for torching Ismailia’s court complex.

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