Al-Azhar to establish forum on tolerance, translation center
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed el-Tayeb - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: The establishment of the Forum on Tolerance and Moderation and the Islamic Council for Languages and Translation is underway after being granted government approval, the Ministry of Religious Endowment announced Saturday.

The new departments will be “two of the most important pillars to spread moderate religious ideas in Egypt and the world,” the ministry stated.

The ministry, which is under the control of Al-Azhar, also announced it would hold the 25th conference of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs Feb. 28-March 1 with the title “the greatness of Islam and flaws attributed to it.” The conference is planned to receive participants from all over the world.

Al-Azhar, the most prestigious Sunni institution in the Islamic world, has intensified its efforts to counter radical ideas that appeal to a segment of Muslims, as well as “correct” the image of the Islam that has been marred by terrorist organizations.

On Friday, President Abdel Fata al-Sisi asked Al-Azhar scholars for a “religious revolution” to re-examine centuries-old Islamic thoughts that “make an enemy of the whole world.”

On Monday, the Ministry of Endowment announced it would also establish an Islamic mission center (Da’wah) in Kerdasa, a blue-collar town in Giza and a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood, to “control violence” in the area and teach “moderate and correct” Islamic principles.

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