Trial of alleged brothel in bath house postponed to question forensic chief
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CAIRO: The trial of 26 men accused of running a brothel and organizing orgies for money was adjourned to Jan. 12 after the defense team requested questioning the forensic medicine chief in a Monday session, Youm7 reported.

Only three of the defendants showed possible signs of anal intercourse, according to spokesperson of the Forensic Medicine Authority Hesham Abdel Hamid, who said they were victims of a “nonconsensual” act. The defendants had to undergo forced anal examinations that have been considered “torture” by some human rights organizations.

The officer who led a police force raiding a Cairo hammam, a gender-segregated traditional public bath, where the defendants were caught, told the prosecution he saw the defendants in “explicit sexual positions,” according to a prosecution report read by The Cairo Post, in which the officer refuses the results of the forensic medicine’s report.

In Monday’s court session, the defendants’ lawyers asked the court to inspect the hammam, and questioned the accurancy of the officer’s testimony, claiming steam in the hammam could impede clear vision.

The officer testified that the majority of the defendants paid money in return for sex either to each other or to the owners of the hammam, who are included in the case, but also said some of them only paid the hammam’s fee.

While prostitution is illegal in Egypt, there is not a code that bans homosexuality. Several gay men, however, have been handed down prison terms for “habitual debauchery.”

The prison term of eight men was commuted from three years to one year in December, after they appeared in a Youtube video celebrating what appeared to be a gay marriage party. Although the forensic office reported they did not show signs of sodomy, the judge convicted them for “inciting debauchery and violating public decency.” Two of the men in the video were filmed kissing and exchanging rings.

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