Egyptian IS leader beheaded ‘for smoking’
Fighters of Islamic State group - REUTERS

CAIRO: An Egyptian leader of the Islamic State group (IS) was beheaded in eastern Syria, seemingly because of smoking, “trusted sources” told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) in a Tuesday report.

The man held the post of a deputy police chief, and his body exhibited traces of “torture,” according to SOHR.

The body was found near an electricity company in Mayadin, which is controlled by IS.

“This is abominable, sheikh,” was written on his body and a cigarette was stuck in the mouth of his severed head, SOHR reported.

In December, Egypt mandated police permits from Egyptians traveling to Syria, Iraq and Turkey after reports that a number of Egyptians had traveled to these countries to join IS.

Egypt’s most influential Islamic institution, Al-Azhar, has intensified its efforts to curb the recruitment of Muslim youth by radical organizations.

Two Egyptian IS fighters are high-profile in Egypt; deceased Ahmed el-Darawy, an ex-policeman, and Islam Yakan, a law student who tweets pro-IS posts from Syria.

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