Weather authority warns of cold front to hit Egypt
Bad weather in Egypt - YOUM7

CAIRO: Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said a wave of bad weather will hit Egypt starting from Tuesday to Thursday nationwide, and hit freezing in parts of the Sinai and Upper Egypt during Coptic Christmas celebrations.

The authority’s General Director Waheed Saeed told Youm7 that the temperature will reach its lowest level Tuesday and Wednesday due to the cold front that struck the northern part of the Middle East coming from Europe.

Despite the bad weather, the Cairo International Airport announced that flights are operating normally, according to airport officials, adding that the airport is on alert as operation rooms have been formed to coordinate with the National Air Navigation Services Company.


Bad weather in Egypt - YOUM7

Bad weather in Egypt – YOUM7


Damietta Port Authority chairperson Gen. Ayman Saleh stated Tuesday the port will be closed due to the weather.

“Waves rose 3 meters with 35-knot wind speed per second and the port inlet closed for the safety of wharves and the ships” the statement read.

There are 23 ships on the port wharves besides 20 other ships waiting to enter the port, Saleh noted, adding that inlet will be reopened once the weather improves.

The Alexandria and Dakhalia ports closed Tuesday after waves reached high levels, the Alexandria Port Authority announced Tuesday. Alexandria has witnessed intermittent snow fall since Monday.

Bad weather in Egypt - YOUM7

Bad weather in Egypt – YOUM7


In Jordan, the government closed the schools, universities and government institutes as a blizzard called “Hoda” is approaching the country, AFP reported Tuesday.

Additional reporting by Asmaa Nassar, Mohamed Tantawy

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