Positive DNA match for released suspect in rape case: Medical examiner spox
Forensic medicine in Egypt

CAIRO: Semen found on the clothes of an alleged rape victim is a match to one of the accused attackers, both police officers who were released on bail Saturday, the Forensic Medicine Authority announced Sunday.

A young adult woman, identified as N.T., filed a criminal complaint Dec. 21 accusing two police personnel of holding her in a police vehicle near Shubra in Northern Cairo, and that one of them raped her anally, according to investigations published on Al-Shorouq newspaper Dec. 28.

Her testimony was published in details, where she said that she was sitting in a car with her male friend when the two policemen intervened, accused her and her friend of public obscenity and refused to let her leave with him in the car.

She said that she had to step out of her friend’s car and ride the police vehicle, where one of the police personnel started touching parts of her body, and when she resisted him, he assaulted her.

The girl was examined by the forensic medicine after the accident, which then released a report saying that there was no physical evidence of assault or trauma such as bruising, according to Al-Shorouq.

The prosecution ordered the detention of two accused policemen for 15 days and they were released Saturday on bail of 1,000 EGP ($139.82) each.

Hisham Abdel Maguid, Spokesperson for the Forensic Medicine, told The Cairo Post Sunday the forensic report will be submitted to the prosecution.



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