BREAKING: 26 men acquitted of ‘debauchery’ after arrest in bathhouse
BREAKING: 26 men acquitted of 'debauchery' after arrest in bathhouse - YOUM7

CAIRO: Twenty-six men who were arrested in December in a public bath and charged with debauchery and taking part in homosexual orgies were acquitted Monday, Youm7 reported.

The Azbakya Misdemeanor Court presided by Judge Ihab Kamal acquitted the men but has not yet released his justification of the ruling.

On Dec. 17, the Prosecutor General referred the men to trial, and they were subjected to forced medical examinations to discern whether the men had engaged in anal sex, and all but three of the men showed no signs of sexual activity. Medical examinations of this kind have been criticized by human rights group as torture.

The prosecution claimed the owner of the bathhouse marketed it through social media for the purpose of organizing sexual activity; the defendants, who denied the charges, however, allegedly admitted that they had organized the gatherings in the bathhouse independent of the owner, Youm7 reported.

Television host Mona Iraqi covered the December arrest of the men, filming them as they were forced to walk naked in the street, and broadcast the video on her program, also drawing criticism from rights activists.


YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed





YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed






YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed




YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed





YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed




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