Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta condemns killing of 2K Nigerians, calls for int’l reaction

CAIRO: Dar al-Ifta, the Sunni foundation authorized to issue religious decisions expressed its condemnation of the killing of an estimated 2,000 people in Nigeria by militants of Boko Haram Tuesday.

“With a saddened heart Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta vehemently condemns the outrageous massacre in ‪#Nigeria which left 2,000 people killed, most of them are women and children who were unable to run fast enough to save their lives,” the foundation stated Tuesday.

In the northeastern town of Baga in Nigeria, Boko Haram insurgents murdered the residents 10 days ago, Reuters reported.

Dar al-Ifta spokesperson Ibrahim Negm said he called on the international community to do their moral duty “by giving an equal attention to the ‪‎massacre in Nigeria.”

“If the death of 17 people by terrorists required the rally of 3 million demonstrators, how many demonstrators we would need to cover for the killing of 2000 people?” he asked.

He asked international leaders to show their condemnation and take action similar to the “Republican March” held in France protesting the terrorist attack on the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed and others injured on Jan. 07.

“While the exact details remain unclear, what appears fairly certain is that mass killings and mass forced displacement have occurred,” U.N. human rights spokesperson Ravina Shamdasan was quoted by various media in Geneva.

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