Shura Council trial adjourned to Feb. 5
Alaa Abd El-FaTtah - YOUM7/Hossam Atef

CAIRO: The Cairo Criminal Court adjourned Saturday the trial of activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah and 24 others in the case known as the Shura Council incidents to Feb. 5, allowing the defense to continue his statement. YOUM7 reported.

Abdel Fatah and 24 others are charged with conducting illegal protests outside the Shura Council in November 2013. The defendants were protesting military trials for civilians and were dispersed and arrested under the regulations of the 2013 protest law, which prohibits any political demonstration without prior authorization by security forces.

The prosecution also charged Abdel Fatah and his co-defendants with attacking Brigadier Emad Tahoun,  an inspector of Cairo’s West Investigations, stealing his radio device and beating him.

During the session that took place at Trustees Police Institute in Tora, Lawyer Khaled Ali, had an argument with judge Hassan Faried regarding the case’s evidences, as Ali was insisting that two of the evidences were tampered with, though the judge assured they were authentic, Youm7 reported.


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