Police officer detained for ‘defrauding’ gold traders in antiquities deal
YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A police officer was detained Monday for allegedly receiving 2 million EGP ($275,835) from three gold traders in an antiquities-smuggling deal, according to Youm7.

A judge ordered the officer, identified as Mahmoud, be detained for 15 days pending the case after Public Funds Investigations Chief Fahim Mekkawi testified against him.

The gold traders, based in the Delta city of Mansoura, filed a lawsuit against Mahmoud, accusing him of defrauding them at the promise he would get them eight kilograms of gold cheaper than the market price.

The businessmen said they paid Mahmoud, who works at Alexandria Security Directorate, 1.7 million EGP in cash and a check for 250,000 EGP.

On the agreed date, Mahmoud stalled on delivering the gold and refused to return the money, prompting them to report the incident to the public prosecution.

Investigations reported that Mahmoud has been in touch with the three persons, and that the deal was related to antiquities, rather than gold.

Two policemen were charged Saturday with raping a girl in December, 12 were sentenced to three years on Jan. 10 for facilitating a jail break, and 12 received long prison terms for insulting prosecutors.

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