Egyptian embassy in Sanaa resumes operation
Clashes in Yemen - REUTERS

CAIRO: The Egyptian embassy in Yemen resumed operations after hours-long-hiatus following Monday’s heavy clashes between Yemeni security forces and Houthi rebels in Sanaa, the Egyptian ambassador to Yemen Youssef al-Sharqawy said Tuesday.

“Following a ceasefire agreement signed between the two sides and a consequent improvement in the security conditions, employees at the embassy’s technical bureaus were instructed to resume work normally Tuesday,” Sharqawy was quoted by al-Shorouq.

Sharqawy said that as soon as clashes erupted early Tuesday, he instructed the embassy’s employees to remain at their residences and also “informed students at the Egyptian school in Sanaa that the mid-year tests had been postponed due to the deteriorating security situation.”

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel-Atty told The Cairo Post Tuesday early morning that the Egyptian embassy activities in Sanaa were temporarily suspended, but the staff remained in Yemen and the embassy is not closed.

Yemeni Heath Minister Deputy Nasser Baoum told AP that nine people were killed and 67 others injured in the Monday clashes. Both sides blamed each other for starting the fight, and accused each other of failing to carry out a U.N.-brokered peace deal.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry issued Monday a statement calling on all Yemeni parties to stop using violence.

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