Suzanne Mubarak defends her charity work, hopes to live to see her family free
Suzanne Mubarak - Courtesy of Suzanne Mubarak Twitter account

CAIRO: Former First Lady Suzanne Thabet Mubarak denied corruption charges against her, her husband Hosni Mubarak and their children Gamal and Alaa, according to an interview with Kuwaiti journalist Fajer Al-Saeed, which she posted on Twitter Tuesday.

“My hurt is deep; my husband and children are in a crisis and I stand idly [because] I cannot help them but by praying that God saves them from their distress and bring our family together once again,” Thabet said, adding that after reaching the “highest echelons,” all she wants is to be reunited with her family.

She also said that she is considering filming a documentary of herself and her family based on her memoirs.

Thabet, who paid $3.4 million to the authorities in order to avoid standing trial for in 2011, said she hopes to live long enough to see her husband and children home with their “heads held high.”

Mubarak, who has been jailed, mostly in hospitals, since April 2011, will be retried for embezzlement, after he was sentenced to three years in prison in May 2014. The charges of bribery and complicity in the murder of protesters against Mubarak and sons were dropped in November, but the prosecution has appealed the ruling.

Thabet vehemently defended her charity work, saying she began such work before Mubarak became a vice president in 1975, adding it was not “marred by any corruption.”

She has faced allegations that she accepted donations worth of millions of U.S. dollars for Bibliotheca Alexandrina, but she said she did not benefit from her “charity achievements,” and that her love for reading led her to contribute to the establishment of the massive library.

“I stood on scaffolding with workers building Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and I did not feel tired because the goal was sublime and the dream may only come true by perseverance,” Thabet said.

The strongwoman also said poor people are more “empathetic” towards her and Mubarak because such people view Egypt as a “home,” not a “treasury.”

She noted that Saad el-Din Ibrhaim, founder of Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies, previously taught her at the American University in Cairo, where she graduated and was granted an MA.

But she also said she was surprised when he turned from a teacher to a “professional politician” and a “link between the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

In earlier tweets from her interview with Thabet, Saeed reported Thabet as saying she and her husband know that Egypt “may only be ruled by a member of the Armed Forces,” and did not seek to bequeath the post to Gamal, who was widely believed to be Mubarak’s successor although he was a civilian.










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    January 23, 2015 at 7:41 am

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