Egypt closes Sallum border crossing with Libya
Sallum crossing, Egyptian Libyan borders - YOUM7 ( Archive)

CAIRO: The Sallum border crossing between Egypt and Libya closed Tuesday, and will remain so until further notice, announced the Marsa Matrouh security directorate.

The statement did not reveal the reason behind closing the border. However, Libya has been seen a political and security turmoil as violence took place between the Islamists and the army in the northeastern area.

Hundreds of Egyptian nationals have been targeted there by the Islamists; in September 2014, Libyan armed militants have kidnapped 65 Egyptian drivers in Ajdabia city in northeastern Libya, near the Egyptian borders.

In April, more than 2,000 drivers with around 500 trucks were seized in Libya’s city of Ajdabia, protesting a 25-year-imprisonment sentence against a Libyan in Egypt over a smuggling case, youm7 reported.

Recently other Egyptian citizens, particularly Coptic Christians, have been targeted; twenty-one Egyptian Copts were kidnapped by the Islamic State group in Tripoli in early January and the Egyptian government is still contacting with the Libyan authorities and sheikhs to find a way to secure their release.

Thousands of Egyptian nationals have fled Libya following warnings from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the current deteriorating security situation between armed Islamists militants, who control over the capital Tripoli and largest cities in the northeastern part of Libya, and the Libyan army. Algeria has opened its borders with Libya in order for Egyptian nationals to flee the violence.

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