Syria crisis should be solved politically: opposition leaders

CAIRO:  Syrian opposition leaders announced that the four-year-old Syrian crisis should be solved politically, and called for carrying out the Geneva 1 conference outcomes which include forming a transitional unity government, in a Cairo news conference Saturday.

The opposition leaders added that a meeting is expected to be held in the spring to unify all opposition leaders’ efforts to solve the Syrian crisis.

75 members of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, including Islamists, centrists, businessmen, and revolutionary figures, met in Cairo Thursday and Friday to discuss the Syrian crisis.

Syrian President Bashar “al-Assad’s regime did not recognize the Geneva Act 1,” said the opposition member Haytham Manna in the conference, adding the opposition members will form an international lobby to put an end to such crisis.

“Egypt did not offer anything in the conference except for facilitating the entry of the Syrians into Cairo to attend,” he continued.

On Jan. 9 Syrian opposition leaders met in Istanbul and elected Khaled Khoga as a new president of the coalition to replace Hadi al-Bahra after a three-day closed meeting.

Russia has invited 30 opposition leaders “in a personal capacity,” not as a coalition, to meet with Syrian government representatives in Moscow Jan. 28, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported. However, media reports said that the Syrian coalition members expressed their reservation on Moscow’s invitation which addresses the opposition personally.

On Dec. 17, 2014, a five-member Syrian delegation headed by the Syrian Naval Academy President and President Bashar al-Assad’s cousin Imad al-Assad met with Egyptian officials to discuss the political situation in Syria.

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