5 alleged Ajnad Masr members sentenced to 15 days in jail for probe
People clear through the wreckage of a bombing claimed by Ajnad Misr near the Foreign Ministry in Sept - YOUM7/Ahmed Marrouf

CAIRO: Five have been sentenced to 15 days in jail pending further investigation over accusations of belonging to the outlawed group of Ajnad Masr (Soldiers of Egypt,) Youm7 reported.

The Ministry of Interior spokesperson Gen. Hani Abdel Latif announced Thursday that security forces arrested five suspected group members, adding that they confessed to a number of attacks against police personnel near Helwan and Cairo Universities, the dentistry faculty of Cairo University in Qasr al-Eini, and the High Judiciary Court.

They also allegedly confessed also that they are linked to the listed Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (ABM) group, which took North Sinai a haven, and they trained to make bombs, Abdel Latif added in a statement.

On May 22, 2014, the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters ordered Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and the President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to label the Ajnad Misr a “terrorist group.”

Ajnad Misr has announced its responsibility for several bombings; the group claimed in December responsibility a bombing that injured four policemen at Ain Shams University in Cairo.

The group announced Nov. 21, 2014 it claimed responsibility for attacks on Helwan University in which three police officers and two conscripts were injured. It also took credit for a similar attack Oct. 22 near Cairo University in which 10 police officers were injured, state TV reported.

There are 20 alleged defendants facing trial over charges of adopting takfirist ideology, killing police and military officers and targeting public and private property.

Additional reporting by Hanan Fayed

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