Video: Officer who handcuffed cab driver to seatbelt suspended
Screenshot from Youtube video.

CAIRO: A police officer was suspended Friday and referred to a police inspection and control department for investigations after he appeared in a viral video abusing a cab driver, according to Youm7.

A video appeared Friday of an elderly taxi driver in Alexandria, handcuffed to his seatbelt outside of the car. Bystanders are seen gathering around the taxi and the officer’s black Hyundai, and it is understood that the young policeman was driving the wrong direction.

The officer, who was plain-clothed in black leather jacket, is seen tensely smoking a cigarette, folding his arms, resting his back to his car, and nodding his head to the crowd trying to convince him to free the driver.

According to Youm7, the officer had called the prosecution to arrive at the scene, which blamed the incident on the officer, who was off-duty at the time of incident.

The two men reconciled at the prosecution officer, but Alexandria Security Director Amin Ezz Eddine ordered the officer’s suspension for an “assault on a public road.”

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