Protester killed commemorating Jan 25 Revolution
Photo of woman killed during protest in Talaat Harb Saturday- Islam Osama for Youm7

CAIRO: A protester was killed by birdshot at Talaat Harb Square Saturday, as a demonstration by the Popular Alliance Party (PAP) was heading to the neighboring Tahrir to commemorate the 2011 death of the January 25 Revolution protesters, according to PAP.

The death of Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, who was the mass action secretary of PAP, was captured in pictures by Youm7, where officers are seen chasing one or more persons behind the falling Sabbagh.

Downtown witnessed a state of chaos as PAP protesters fled police, and a number of café attendees scattered in the area were arrested for being “suspicious,” Youm7 reported.

However, security forces later allowed families of the revolution’s victims to access Tahrir Square to put wreaths on its memorial and plant trees in the memory of their loved ones.

Both Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim and Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab are closely following up with the unfolding events of the fourth anniversary of the uprising.

Attorney General Hisham Barakat has called for a “quick investigation” into the clashes.


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