LIVE UPDATES: 4th anniversary of January 25 Revolution
Brotherhood protesters in Mataria torch a public transportation bus - YOUM7/Khaled Kamel

CAIRO:  The fourth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution coincides with a national 7-day mourning period observed for late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Security forces have said that no demonstrations or protests will be allowed in Tahrir Square.

This year’s anniversary was preceded by the death of Shaimaa al-Sabbaugh, who was killed by birdshot as security forces dispersed a peaceful demonstration in downtown Cairo Saturday marching to Tahrir.

Here are the live updates:

22:05- The police dispersed alleged Muslim Brotherhood protesters after they shot live ammunition and flares at Malak Rafael Church on Eshreen Street in Faisal, Giza

22:05- Alleged Muslim Brotherhood protesters attack a church in Faisal, Giza

22:00- Police fire heavy tear gas at Muslim Brotherhood protesters after they fired birdshot and Molotov cocktails at the Matariya police station

21: 15- The Facebook page of Giza Popular Resistance claimed responsibility for detonating a car outside the Forensic Medicine building in Port Said.

20:45- Two policemen were killed on the Ring Road near Moneeb after a car stormed their security ambush and gunned them, Assistant to the Minister of Interior Abdel Fattah Othman told Mehwar TV.

20:35- 429 alleged Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been arrested across Egypt, a number of them in possession of firearms, Assistant to the Minister of Interior Abdel Fattah Othman told Mehwar TV.

20:30- The police denied that the Beni Sueif national security director was targeted in an ambush, according to Youm7. A movement that calls itself the “Revolutionary Punishment,” which created its Twitter account Sunday, had claimed it injured the top officer.

20:00- 1 policeman has been killed and 11 injured in clashes with protesters Sunday, police spokesperson Hany Abdel Latif told MENA.

19:43- Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Matariya used firearms and Molotov cocktails against security forces, police spokesperson Hany Abdel Latif told Youm7

19:00- 16 people have been killed and 38 injured across Egypt: 13 in Cairo, according to the Ministry of Health. 30 people were injured in Cairo and Giza, 5 in Kafr el-Sheikh, and 3 in Minya.

18:40-  Alleged Muslim Brotherhood protesters torch the headquarters of Haram District on Talbia Street in the Faisal area of Giza.

18:35- 15 people have been killed and 35 injured across Egypt, according to the Ministry of Health. 13 were killed in Cairo, the majority of whom in Mataria, and two were killed in Beheira.

18:30- Police detonated a bomb in el-Gazayer Street in Maadi, which had been placed at a public power transformer, after carrying it to a safe area.

18:20-General Tawhid Tawfiq, military commander for the Cairo area, and Cairo Security Director Khaled Youssef inspected Tahrir Square and the vicinity of the Egyptian Museum.

17:40- Brotherhood protesters in Mataria torch a public transportation bus, from which the driver escaped. They also destroyed a tramway station- Youm7

17:30- 12 have been killed and 30 injured across Egypt, according to the Ministry of Health. Nine of the deaths occurred in Mataria, one in Alexandria, and two in Beheira as two men were planting an explosive device.

17:20- Dozens of locals in Mataria reportedly injured after alleged Muslim Brotherhood protesters fired birdshot at them for aiding the police in dispersing their demonstrations

17:05- Police conscript killed in Mataria, 3 officers injured- Youm7

16:40- Dozens celebrate the anniversary of the revolution at Abdel Moneim Riad Square, cheering for APCs crossing the area.

16: 25- 12 alleged Muslim Brotherhood supporters were arrested after “attempting to stir violence around Tahrir Square,” a source in the Cabinet Operations Room told Youm7

16:20- 9 people have been killed and 22 injured across Egypt thus far, a source in the Cabinet Operations Room told Youm7

16:05- MB protesters throw Molotov cocktails at security forces in Matariya; police respond with tear gas

15:55- Death toll rises to 5, with 22 injured in Cairo and governorates: Health Ministry

15:40- Police helicopters fly above Matariya Square to spot MB gatherings – Youm7

15:30- Heavy clashes in Haram between demonstrators and security forces using tear gas- Youm7

15:10- Two police officers and soldier hospitalized after clashes in Matariya between demonstrators and security forces- Youm7

15:00- Death toll rises to 4, with 21 injured in Sunday’s clashes: Heath Ministry

14:50- Authorities close Ain Shams metro station

14: 45- Heavy clashes in Matariya distract between pro-Muslim brotherhood demonstrators and police forces; using of tear gas was reported- Youm7

14:40- Interior Ministry announces arrest of alleged terrorist with 17 bombs attempting to explode Abu Zaabal police station in Qalubiya governorate

14:30- Government decideds to extend North Sinai curfew another 3 months, until April 25

14:20- Tamarod announces that residents found a bomb near the house of group founder Mahmoud Badr

14:00- Ministry of Health says 3 dead, 8 injured in riots in Cairo and governorates

12:30-  One killed and another injured in a fire exchange between security forces and protesters in a march in Alexandria, security sources told Youm7.

11:47- Ajnad Misr claimed responsibility for a Saturday explosion in Alf Maskan square, in which two policemen were injured.

11:07 –  The Ministry of Health announces 3 deaths in Sunday’s  clashes so far in Cairo, Alexandria and Beheira governorates.

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