Pro-MB Turkish channel incites attack on police forces
Egyptian security forces - YOUM7

CAIRO: A Turkey-based pro-Muslim Brotherhood (MB) channel incited violence during its coverage of the fourth anniversary of Jan. 25 Revolution, calling those who attack police personnel “Popular Resistance members.”

El-Sharq T.V. posted photos and video of a number of the attacks on security personnel nationwide, saying “the revolution is ongoing.”

“The Popular Resistance in October (city) launched an attack on Second Police Station in 6th of October city,” the channel posted Sunday.

The channel, which changed its Nile-Sat frequency two days ago after being jammed, broadcast protests staged by the Muslim brotherhood supporters; pieces of information it covers are unconfirmed.

The Ministry of Interior announced Sunday that “security forces killed one of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Alexandria.”

The channel posted a photo of the same Alexandria protester, labeling him a “martyr who was shot dead by the coup police men.”

After the ouster of the former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on July 3, 2013, Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters labeled the ouster a “coup that was orchestrated by Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.”

Egypt designated the brotherhood a terrorist group on Dec. 25, 2013, one day following a bomb attack on the Dakahlia security directorate in which 15 people were killed and dozens were injured. Most media outlets label the MB members and its supporters “terrorists” in their coverage.

The channel posted on its social media accounts videos of interviews of guests and commentators who incited violence via calling the people to continue their revolution. The Facebook page has more than 424,000 likes, and its Twitter account is followed by more than 37,000 followers.

Ministry of Interior spokesperson Gen. Hani Abdel Latif told The Cairo Post Sunday that police forces are “trying to foil the attempts of such channels’ plots,” adding “the Egyptian people are aware of such plots that aim to incite sedition and discord.”

Misr Alaan channels posted photos of masked men who blocked a desert road in Minya governorate with the caption “#Minya, Popular Resistance in Samalut blocked Shosha road linked to the Western Desert Road.”

In another Facebook post, Misr Alaan says “#North Sinai| Popular Resistance in Arish block July 23 Road in downtown of El Arish to protest against the decision of the coup government of extending the curfew in Sinai to April 25.”

The government announced Sunday the extension Sunday of a nightly curfew in North Sinai for an additional three months; the original curfew was put in place following an attack that killed 31 soldiers Oct. 24 in Arish. Cabinet spokesperson Hossam Qaweesh told Youm7 that the extended curfew will be imposed from Jan. 25 to April 25.

Additional reporting by Nourhan Magdi

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