Ajnad Masr claims responsibility for 6 attacks since December
Aftermath of Matariya clashes - YOUM7/Khaled Kamel

CAIRO: Ajnad Masr (Soldiers of Egypt) announced Sunday its responsibility for 6 terrorist attacks in Egypt since last December, adding that it was targeting security forces, and described them as “criminals.”

In their statement on their Twitter account, the group, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government, said it was responsible for a bomb attack that happened Sunday morning in Heliopolis, near Al-Shams club which injured two police personnel.

“We never made any terrorist attacks near public transportation or any public facilities, all our attacks are against the criminal officers” the statement read.

On Jan. 23 the  group said that they caused a bomb blast in Heliopolis, near the Alf Maskan district, that injured five other police personnel.

Sunday’s announcement coincided with the fourth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution; several demonstrations took place and clashes broke out between security forces and marchers. The Health Ministry reported that 18 were killed across Egypt, with 82 injured.

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