Spokesperson: Army has no political ambition
Military spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Army spokesperson Staff Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali said the military institution in Egypt has no political ambition, expressing his concern about the chants, “Down down with military rule!” He asks “What military rule?”

In an interview on ‘9090 FM’ Radio Station, Ali said he aims to meet the expectations as military spokesperson, considering it a national mission not just a job. He commented on the demands of appointing a civilian Minister of Defense, “How can civilians manage military issues? It would be an insult to the Egyptian army.”

Ali discussed the situation in Sinai, “Some enemies use militant groups in Sinai to weaken the Egyptian State, as it was done in Syria and Iraq. But the army will never allow this to happen in Egypt. Our war in Sinai is against groups of terrorists with no morals, accusing people, army and police for abandoning religious principles. The Armed Forces will never leave Sinai until it achieves victory.” He praised the role of civilians in Sinai in confronting violence, assuring that the army cares about their safety during the raids.

The spokesperson denied any dialogue between the military institution and anyone from the ousted regime, referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, in response to the judiciary authority.

At the end of his interview, Ali told Egyptians not to believe rumors about the Armed Forces, asking for them to wait for confirmation from the army about any information during this sensitive phase.

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