Court upholds 3-yr prison term of prominent April 6 members
Doma, Maher at the court dock - YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed

CAIRO: The Court of Cassation refused an appeal filed by activists Ahmed Maher, Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Doma, over a 2013 three-year prison term for conducting illegal demonstrations and attacking police officers, Youm7 reported.

A number of 6 April movement activists and other political figures attended the session to show solidarity with the jailed activists; however the court favored the previous verdict issued against the three activists, which also fined them 50,000 EGP ($6720) each.

Doma and other detainees were charged with stirring violent demonstrations at the Shura Council, resulting in the injury of seven people on Nov. 30, 2013 as well as organizing a demonstration against the 2013 protest law outside the Shura Council on Nov. 26 the same year.

Maher, April 6 Youth Movement founder; Adel, a prominent member of the movement, and other detainees are charged with inciting violence, assaulting a police officer and stealing his radio, blocking a public road, and violating the protest law.

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