Authorities order investigations into killing of 25 policemen in Sinai

Authorities on Tuesday ordered an investigation into the killing of 25 off-duty Central Security policemen and a 15-day detention of those believed to be behind the attack. Adel Habara is believed to have been the mastermind of the “second Rafah massacre” and he and others have been arrested for their involvement.

The attack was one of the worst militant strikes on security officers in the Sinai, a strategic peninsula that borders Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Habara, arrested Saturday, is suspected of leading an al-Qaeda-linked group. He admitted his involvement in the deaths of the policemen, who were lined up and shot. According to one official, Habara has already been given the death sentence – in absentia – for killing soldiers in the Nile Delta last year, according to AP.

Habara’s father has denounced his son’s behavior, saying he always advised Habara to discard violence and be committed to tolerant ideals.

“If my son proved responsible for killing the best soldiers on earth, then he must be killed 25 times to let humanity get rid of his evil deeds, though even this is not enough,”  Habara’s father Mohammed Ibrahim told Youm7 on Tuesday. He said he has not seen his son in five years and that he himself rejects his son’s “aggressive” attitude.

“Our God does not like injustice and may He take revenge on the demons who took control over his mind to reach this extent,” said the father.

Brigadier Khaled Okasha, formerly responsible for Sinai’s security, said Habara was the mastermind behind the bloodshed in Rafah, and that another 20 “terrorists” we also involved.

Okasha said Habara escaped from Wadi Natrun Prison during the January 25 Revolution, when many prisons were stormed and their prisoners released. He said Habara always wears an explosive belt, but that security forces made a wise decision in arresting him.

Habara is considered the right-hand of al-Qaeda in the Sinai by its affiliates in Tawheed and Jihad, said Okasha.


Translated from Youm7.

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