Hamas: Egypt’s decision of listing Qassam Brigades ‘politicized’
The armed wing of the Hamas movement - REUTERS

CAIRO:  The Saturday listing of  Hamas’ armed wing, the Qassam Brigades as a terrorist group, was “politicized,” Hamas and the Palestinian Jihadist Islamic Movement stated Sunday, adding “the coup is against history.”

“History has recorded Egypt’s support to national liberty movements in the Arab world and Africa, particularly in Palestine; this rule is a coup against history, Palestinian rights and Egypt’s known principles and values,” said Hamas’ political bureau deputy chairman Mousa Abu Marzouk on his Facebook page.

According to the grounds of the ruling by the Court for Urgent Affairs, the group is involved in committing “terror acts” against Egyptian security and military personnel, and has also supported the Muslim Brotherhood, which has also been designated a terrorist organization.

In a statement Saturday evening, the Palestine Islamic Jihadist Movement rejected the court ruling, saying that it “serves only the Zionist occupation,” Palestinian Maan News reported.

The court ruling came two days after a series of attacks Thursday in the Sinai that killed 29 security personnel. The death toll for terrorist acts which took place since January 2011 and until April 2014 reached 971, including 664 security personnel, according to a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued in October.

The Jihadist Movement condemned in its statement the latest attacks in Sinai, saying the “terror attacks that target Egypt’s stability and security serve only the occupation and the nation’s enemy.”

Hamas spokesperson Samy Abu Zoheiry said on his Facebook account “the movement (Hamas) rejected the Egyptian Court decision of listing Qassam Brigades as a terrorist organization, considering it a dangerous politicized decision.”  He added that Hamas rejects injecting its “resistance” in Egyptian domestic affairs.

Following an Oct. 24 attack in the North Sinai town of Arish, 31 soldiers were killed. Egypt responded by instituting a state of emergency, as well as establishing a 1-km wide buffer zone along the border, which required the evacuation of more than 1,000 families.

Since evacuations began in late 2014, the army has discovered and destroyed a number of tunnels used to smuggle goods to and from Gaza.

Egyptian mediation of peace talks

“After a court ruling, Egypt will not be a mediator in the Palestinian Israeli affairs,” an anonymous source close to Hamas told Reuters Saturday, in response to the court verdict.

Egypt has mediated the indirect talks between the Palestine and Israel, especially during the latest 51-day war in July and August 2014. Under such brokerage, both sides reached a cease-fire in Aug. 26, 2014.

However, Abu Zouheiry said in another statement that Hamas did not issue any remarks claiming the reject of Egyptian mediation in the talks to keep on the long-term truce.

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  1. gul abul
    February 1, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    Hooray for Egypt. Recognizing these terrorists and branding them as same. The western world should recognize the wisdom of Egypt and learn. Palestinians are being held captive to these terrorists.

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