Killing of Jordanian pilot against Islam: Azhar
Moaz al-Kaseasbeh - Photo cortesy of @baghdadia_4 Twitter

CAIRO: The murder of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kaseasbeh was a “dastardly act” that requires a harsh penalty as stated in Quran, Al-Azhar stated Tuesday evening.

The institution, which is the largest Sunni Islamic body in the world, said those who perpetrated the act should be subjected to the Sharia punishment for murder, which is execution.

Jordanian Pilot Kaseasbeh’s death was announced Tuesday in a video broadcast by the Islamic State group showing him locked in a cage and burned alive. Egyptian religious clerics have denounced the killing as “against Islamic merciful values.”

Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta issued a statement Wednesday that listed verses from the Quran and Sunna that prohibit torture and burning people to death.

“The hadith [sayings of Mohamed] urges us to humanely slaughter animals, what do you think for humans?” the statement read.

Photo cortesy of @baghdadia_4 Twitter account

Photo cortesy of @baghdadia_4 Twitter account


Any arguments by the Islamic State group that burning a person to death is acceptable are based on “void interpretations” of Islam, added Dar al-Iftaa.

While ISIS purports that Kaseasbeh’s killing is a religious justified act of retribution, religious clerics disagree.

“Their killings are based on erroneous interpretations of Islam,” said religious Professor Ahmed Kreema. “This heinous accident strongly proves that ISIS does not belong to the Islamic religion,” Kreema told The Cairo Post Wednesday.

Kreema adding that killing by burning is prohibited in Islam; “It is a heinous crime committed only by scum,” he continued.

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