Sisi meets with U.S. delegation
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met with a delegation of former senior US officials - YOUM7

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met Thursday with a delegation of former senior US officials, according to presidential statement.

During the meeting, members of the U.S. delegation underscored the “pivotal” role Egypt plays in the region, said presidential spokesperson Alaa Youssef adding that the members said they will relay to officials in Washington the reality of the conditions and the development in Egypt’s  political, economic and security issues.

The delegation includes former national security advisor Stephen Hadley, former commander-in-chief of the U.S. Central Command Anthony Zinni, former US ambassador to Egypt Daniel Kurtzer, president of the Middle East Institute Wendy Chamberlin, vice president for policy and research at the Middle East Institute Paul Salem.

During their meeting, the U.S. officials stressed the importance of continuing dialogue, so that “each side may present its concerns and work on bridging the gap between their points of view on various issues.”

Sisi and the delegation discussed the numerous challenges Egypt is facing, which requires the support of allied powers, particularly the U.S. Such support is needed to sustain the efforts being exerted to restore stability, provide security to the Egyptian people, and confront terrorism.

According to the statement, Sisi reiterated Egypt’s commitment to completing the Roadmap through holding parliamentary elections starting March 21.

The delegation members expressed their understanding of the challenges Egypt is currently facing and their support of Egypt’s perspective; noting the importance of the U.S. participation in the economic summit, scheduled to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh in March, so “as to benefit from the promising investment opportunities Egypt offers.”

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