2nd term of 2014-15 academic year kicks off in Egypt’s schools and universities
Archived picture of students standing in a line at a school - YOUM7/Amr Moustafa

CAIRO: The second term of the 2014-15 academic year kicked off Saturday in schools and universities across Egypt, Youm7 reported.

Head of Cairo University Gaber Nassar confirmed the completion of security measures to prevent rioting and violence within the campus, according to Youm7.

“Personnel from the private security company Falcon will be tasked with on-campus security issues including inspecting students passing in and out through the electronic gates installed along with securing university gates, walls and entrances,” Nassar told Youm7 Saturday.

“Police forces are to remain outside the campus but stationed in nearby points in case mass protests erupted and administrative security personnel are unable to control it,” he added.

Due to the escalation of students protest in the campus of several universities following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013, the Ministry of Education contracted a private security company to secure the gates of 15 universities across the country, including the campus of Al-Azhar University.

Head of Al-Azhar University Abdel Hay Azzab paid an inspection visit to the female branch of the university in Cairo’s Nasr City Saturday to closely look at the readiness and security measures.

Education Ministry spokesperson Hany Kamal said the study resumed Saturday in public schools of 13 governorates including Cairo, Giza and Alexandria, with the number of students estimated at 500,000.

Students in the other 14 governorates will start Sunday bringing the total number of students back to classrooms to 18 million, said Kamal, adding “All the schools have received the new books of the second term.”

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