Brotherhood introduced ‘jihad,’ June 30 legitimizes new regime: FM
Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood introduced the ideology of “jihad” when it was founded in 1928, which expanded into a violent scheme in the 60s and has since been the foundation of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry told reporters on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference Sunday.

In response to a “subjective” question, Shokry said the regime of former President Mohamed Morsi lost “what was perceived as legitimacy once it circumvented the democratic process which it utilized to come to power.”

Accusing the ousted Muslim Brotherhood regime of trying to change the nature of Egyptian society into one that is “detrimental to [Egyptians’] common values, Shokry defended the consequences of June 30, 2013 mass anti-Brotherhood protests, which was labeled a “coup” by the Islamist group and a “revolution” by the new regime.

In an audio of his answer obtained by The Cairo Post, Shokry said the questions carried a “misconception of what constitutes legitimacy,” as legitimacy is “a matter of the will of the people.”

The top diplomat added that “when 25 million people or more took to the streets” on June 30, it was “sufficient” to “create legitimacy.”

He emphasized that the ousting Morsi made the international community recognize the dangers of the “Brotherhood’s ideology,” and that the move has influenced other countries in the region and curbed “association or sympathy with it.”

“We believe that Egypt has been and continues to be at the front of the fight against terrorism. We fought it in the 70s and 80s and succeeded and we will fight it again, internally and in collaboration with our partners. And we will succeed by the strength of the Egyptian people and their determination,” Shokry said.

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