Video: 2 huge fires in factories at Cairo and Sharqia; no injuries
Locals suffer smoke inhalation after Cairo factory fire - YOUM7/Hazim Abdel Samad

CAIRO:  A huge fire in a plastics factory located in the Sabtya district of Cairo took broke out Sunday night, and spread to a number of adjacent residences, Youm7 reported.

At least 10 fire engines and 4 ambulances moved to the scene to control the fire.

Civilian security sources ordered the stop of electricity and gas lines to the district, and authorities are not investigating the cause of the blaze.

The fire was reportedly difficult to put out since plastic materials aided the spread of the flames, and it was extinguished after four hours.

Another fire erupted in a factory Monday morning in 10th of Ramadan city, Sharqia governorate.

About 15 fire engines were needed to control the situation as the factory was manufacturing

mattresses and synthetic fibers, Youm7 reported.

No one was seriously hurt in either fires, however, one fireman suffered from smoke inhalation in Sabtya and was referred to the hospital.

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