Protests staged against Zamalek victims, calls for rousting MoI
Air Force Stadium incidents - YOUM7

CAIRO: Protests broke out in Cairo against killing of 22 Zamalek Sporting Club (SC) fans Sunday evening outside the Air Force Stadium, while other political parties called for ousting the Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim.

At least 22 Zamalek fans from the Ultras White Knights (UWK,) were killed and 25 other injured when security forces fired tear gas bombs at a crowd of fans, causing a stampede; the Ministry of Interior said Sunday that hundreds had attempted to forcibly access the stadium without tickets.

More than five political parties and number of revolutionary movements held a news conference Tuesday, calling for the ouster of the Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim, Youm7 reported.

Air Force Stadium incidents - YOUM7

Air Force Stadium incidents – YOUM7

The parties include Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Dostour Party, the People’s Movement (under construction,) and Bread and Freedom Party, and the Socialist Alliance Party.

“Security forces created unjustified hostility towards a certain bracket of the society which is the youth,” said the Egypt the Freedom party member Karim al-Samman said in the conference.

Karama Party secretary general Ali Abu al-Magd said the Minister of Interior is criminally responsible for such incidents and the president is politically responsible as well, adding that the human rights “should not be undermined in the name of the war against the terrorism.”

Egyptian Social Democratic Party Member called for boycotting the sporting bodies; he also called for the cancellation of the Egyptian Premier League.



Air Force Stadium incidents – YOUM7


At the Cairo University, dozens of the students, called Egypt’s Students Coalition, staged a protest the stadium incidents. They shouting against the police and raised signs condemning the incidents, al-Masry al-Youm reported Monday.

Other students at Helwan University protested, firing the flares, raising sign says “A ticket is more expensive than a person’s life.” Whole another sign says “morgue of Zenhoum is the official sponsor of Egyptian Football.”

Several political movements staged demonstrations; Movement of Youth for Justice, Freedom, and Resistance along with Dostor Youth Students protesters roaming Omrania district of Giza, denouncing the police forces’ dealing with the fans.

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