Camera shows man planting bomb near police station
YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A man placing a bomb near a police station in Alexandria Tuesday was spotted on a surveillance camera in a video that has circulated on social media.

The video shows an unidentified man lighting his cigarette while removing something from his pocket and throwing it under an abandoned storage trailer.

The trailer is seen left near a wall that belongs to a police station; police officers are also visible in the background walking around.

At the time the bomb went off, a man carrying his young child was passing by the trailer.

The time stamp on the surveillance video says it was recorded Tuesday Feb. 10, 2015. News outlets reported a blast took place Tuesday near a police station in Montaza district in Alexandria, and injured six people.

In the background, there were voices of men, suggested to be police officers, analyzing the video, and blaming “lazy” patrols around the station.



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