Security forces flood Tahrir for 4th anniv of Mubarak exit
Security and military forces beefed up their presence at the entrances of Tahrir Square - YOUM7

CAIRO: Security and military forces beefed up their presence at the entrances of Tahrir Square on the fourth anniversary of former President Hosni Mubarak’s stepping down, amid calls from the pro-Muslim Brotherhood National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy (NASL) to protest.

On Feb.11, 2011, Mubarak’s vice president Omar Suleiman announced Mubarak’s exit after 18 days of ongoing protests in the main squares nationwide calling for the end of his regime and raising slogans of “Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice.”

Security forces have deployed in the streets of Mohamed Mahmoud, Omar Makram, Talaat Harb, and Simón Bolívar in anticipation of possible demonstrations, particularly after calls by the NASL and 6th of April Movement for protesting.

April 6 announced Tuesday it would march from the 6 October Bridge in Giza.

The NASL called Wednesday in a statement for an “Uprising of Anger” lasting for three days starting on the anniversary.

This year’s anniversary follows trials in which charges against Mubarak were dropped, and his former Minister of Interior Habib al-Adly and his six aides were acquitted of killing hundreds of peaceful protesters during the revolution; all police officers and policemen who were also accused of killing the protesters were acquitted as well.

Mubarak’s sons (Alaa and Gamal) and the fugitive business tycoon Hussein Salem were acquitted also from charges of exporting gas to Israel with cheaper prices and misuing public money.

Sources close to the Mubaraks told Youm7 that the whole family gathered at the Military Hospital in Maadi where Mubarak is living to “raise his psychological state.”

The source said Mrs. Mubarak, Suzan, accompanied her two grandchildren (Omar and Fareeda) and visited former president.

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