18 UWK released, 3 detained over Air Force Stadium violence
Ultras White Knights clash with security forces -YOUM7/Hazem Abdel Samad

CAIRO: Eighteen members of the Zamalek football fan group the Ultras White Nights were released on bail Wednesday, after they were arrested in the wake of violent incidents that took place on Sunday outside the Air Force Stadium.

Three other members of the Ultras will be detained for 15 days.

At least 22 were killed Sunday after a riot broke out when groups of fans were denied entry to the Stadium; security forces fired tear gas to disperse the crowd, causing a crushing stampede in which some were trampled.

The arrested UWK members were investigated over accusations of attacking security forces and police vehicles and blocking roads.

Violent incidents took place outside the stadium ahead of a football match between Zamalek and Enpi, where large numbers of fans were trying to attend the match, apparently without proper tickets. Security forces at the stadium banned some from entering, the the Ministry of Interior stated.

Police forces, who were securing the gate and entering the attendees, fired tear gas bombs, which subsequently caused a stamped; the Forensic Medicine report listed trampling as the cause of death of over 20 on that day. Some of the UWK members were among the victims.

In previous statements by doctors from the medical authority, the reason for the death was said to be due to “tear gas inhalation,” something denied by the authority, and the doctor was referred to prosecution.

The prosecution announced later on Wednesday that the doctor had been released.

The incidents caused uproar on social media, triggering backlash against security forces. Social media users likened the accident to 2012 incidents that killed 72 people in a football match in Port Said.

Protests took to streets of Cairo against the killing of the Zamalek fans, while other political parties called for ousting the Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim.

The Egyptian Football Federation (EFF) stated on Monday it would compensate families of those killed.


Additional reporting by Ahmed Metwally

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