Zamalek SC backtracks on Gaber contract cancellation
Omar Gaber - YOUM7

CAIRO: Egypt’s Zamalek Sporting Club (SC) backtracked Wednesday on promises to terminate the contract of midfielder Omar Gaber who refused to play his team match Sunday with Enpi after he learned of the killing of Zamalek fans (Ultras White Knight) outside Air Force Stadium before the game.

At least 22 Zamalek fans were killed and 25 other injured when security forces fired tear gas bombs at a crowd of fans, causing a stampede; the Ministry of Interior said Sunday that hundreds had attempted to forcibly access the stadium without tickets.

Zamalek SC announced Monday it would cancel Gaber’s, due to his sitting out the match.

After failing to find reason or a term in the executive regulations of Egyptian Football Federation could lead the club to end the contract with the player and withdraw his name from the Federation, Zamalek will have to honor the contract which was renewed in January 2015, Youm7 reported.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Murad

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