Egypt Press Review: December 8

Egyptian papers focused on many issues, including Naguib Sawiris’s surprise at al-Nour’s Party’s success during the first round of the parliamentary elections, the new Interior Minister’s statement recalling security to the Egyptian streets is his first priority, and the Cairo Court of Appeals rejecting the request for a change of judge in former President Hosni Mubarak’s trial. 


Member of the High Authority of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Ehab el-Kharat told Youm7 that they would determine the individual candidates who would be supported by Egyptian Bloc, which includes the Free Egyptians Party, al-Tagammu Party, and the Egyptian Democratic Party.

He added different liberal trends would coordinate to surprise the Islamists in the next two rounds of the elections.

Youm7 learned that the Egyptian Bloc is leaning towards supporting representatives of the Revolution Youth as well as Amr el-Shobky.

Naguib Sawiris expressed his surprise at the al-Nour Party winning 20 percent in the first round of the elections. He expected the Egyptian Bloc to win between 20 and 25 percent of parliamentary seats.


The Government of National Salvation was sworn in before the head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense.

The new government includes 30 ministers, 12 of them from Essam Sharaf’s government in addition to 18 new ministers.

The Supreme Council of Armed Forces released a law to provide the Prime Minister all presidential authorities except powers related to the armed forces and the judiciary.

The most prominent new figures in Kamal el-Ganzouri’s government are Mohamed Ibrahim as an Interior Minister and Ahmed Anis as Minister of Information.

The head of the Supreme Electoral Committee, Abdel Moez Ibrahim said he would stop those who use religious slogans in the elections.

Ibrahim said the committee would be committed to any judicial verdict released by the High Administrative Court.

He revealed he received reports stating that public figures and Egyptian organizations received foreign funding with the intent of hindering the elections.

Al-Masry Al-Youm:

An official source told the newspaper Tantawi would release a statement Thursday announcing the formation of the Civilian Advisory Council and its roles.

The sources said the council would have 35 members. He added that the council would include some members of political forces and trends, assuring that the chairman of the council would not be a potential candidate for president.

The source said is there is intent to convert the council into the “National Defense Council,” in addition to adding a military figure to its membership to participate in making big decisions.

Newly appointed Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim said he headed to his office to start his job after being sworn in before Tantawi.

He added recalling security to the Egyptian streets is his priority, besides implementing security strategies for both the second and third round of parliamentary elections.


The Deputy of Minister of Religious Endowments , Salem Abdel Galil, warned of Shiites in Egypt, but said at the same time he believes in intellectual and cultural pluralism.

“New Cairo will not be only allocated for those with high incomes,” Minister of Housing Fathi El-Baradei said.

He added some lands in New Cairo would be allocated for lotteries for fixed-price family housing.

The price per square meter ranges from 59 to 700 EGP (U.S. $10 to $117). A second lottery for family housing will begin January in six cities.

Sixty-thousand housing units will be built within the “the million housing units” program, which aims at building 200,000 housing units each year.


The Cairo Court of Appeals released a verdict rejecting the lawsuit submitted by lawyer Abdel Aziz Amer, and fined him 6,000 EGP (U.S $1002).

Amer submitted a lawsuit concerned with replacing the judge in former President Mubarak’s trial.


The chairman of El-Ghad Party and potential presidential candidate Ayman Nour said the first round of parliamentary elections may be not forged but was unfair.

“The elections had not witnessed any fraud but it lacked social justice, however, I agree with the results,” he said.


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