Video: Commuter train catches fire in Gharbiya
Screenshot of Gharbiya train fire video captured by Youm7

CAIRO: A fire broke out in a commuter train in Gharbiya governorate Friday night, causing damage to the furniture of three cars, Youm7 reported.

The rest of the cars in the Zaqaziq-Tanta train were disconnected to control the damage and stop the spread of the fire.

Civil Protection forces managed to control the fire along with seven fire trucks. No injuries have been reported yet.

Investigations are currently being carried out into the accident to reveal if the fire has was caused by foul play.

The train movement in both direction  was reportedly halted and there is no further information available on whether operations have returned to normal.

Youm7 captured a video of the fire below:

Earlier this morning, the Cairo-Alexandria train movement stopped after discovering a bomb affixed to the railways.


Additional reporting by Mostafa Adel, El-Amir Nasry, Maged Tamraz and Mohamed Fathy

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