Karama party youth members refrain from parliamentary elections
Parliamentary elections - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Karama’s party youth members announced Saturday they would refraining from participating in the coming parliamentary elections scheduled next March, Youm7 reported.

Abd Al-Aziz Fadaly, a political office member of the party, told Youm7 that this decision was discussed for long time between the party members, especially after 4 members of the party were arrested during the fourth anniversary of January 25 Revolution; followed with the murder of Shaimaa al-Sabbagh.

“We acknowledge the legitimacy of the coming parliament, but we choose to refrain from participation,” Fadaly said.

Despite the youth members’ discussion, other leader members said that it is not completely representative of the party’s position, since leading member Abd Al-Aziz Al-Husseny,is running in the elections.

Husseny told Youm7 Saturday night, that the youth members wanted to show their objection to the recent events on the political scene, but cautioned that the supreme body of the party would still participate.

Earlier, the Misr al-Qawia (Strong Egypt) Party announced it would boycott the upcoming parliamentary election over “the absence of democratic credibility.”

“Repeating the same mistakes leads to the same results. The lack of confidence in the judiciary and the continuous and random brutality of security forces are among the reasons for fueling terrorism and threatening social peace,” the party stated.

The Bread and Freedom Party announced Feb. 8 it would refrain from running in the upcoming parliamentary elections, “despite their previous desire to present themselves as an alternative choice.”

On Jan. 06 the Popular Current headed by former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi announced he would not take part in the coming parliamentary elections, due to his objections against the electoral constituencies’ laws.


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