Military hits Derna, and Sirte: details of Egyptian airstrikes on IS in Libya
Egyptian airforces - YOUM7

CAIRO:  Once the branch of the Islamic State group in Libya released Sunday evening a video show the mass execution of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians whom were kidnapped in January early, Egyptian Military Army carried out one of its prepared plan over such incidents.

The Egyptian National Defense Council, after holding a meeting with the President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, took the decision Sunday evening to launch airstrike of alleged havens of IS group in Libya’s eastern city of Derna.

The operation was conducted in cooperation with the Libyan Army using six fighter jets of F-16C block 52, the statement noted.

Military planes took off from the military airbase in the west of Cairo to the Marsa Matrouh International Airport, where then they moved and launched six airstrikes in Derna, and Sirte.

At Monday dawn, Feb. 16, 2015, the Egyptian Armed Forces launched “concentrated airstrikes against IS’ camps, stationing and training centers, and weapon stores in Libyan territories,” according to a statement from the Egyptian Armed Forces.

(the Egyptian Military fighter jets took off, heading to Libya)

The military source said more than 50 members of the Islamic State group were killed in the airstrikes in Derna and Sirte. He added that Libyan Security Forces arrested around 30 alleged terrorists in Derna on the coat of the Mediterranean. The military source said 6 training centers and weapon stores were successfully targeted.

The fighter jets targeted the goals in Derna and Sirte, and only flied above Tripoli without launching strikes, the source continued.

The Egyptian air forces “carried out the operation successfully and targeted their goals and they returned back homeland without any harm,” the Army statement added.


There could be other airstrikes soon, the military noted.

Egypt is mulling sending ground troops to Libya, a military official said.

Egypt may send the Task Force 999, an Egyptian military special operations and reconnaissance unit for international operations, to Libya, the official told Youm7.

The unit forces would coordinate with the Libyan security forces in the areas along the Mediterranean coast, the official added.

Egyptian armed forces - YOUM7

Egyptian armed forces – YOUM7

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