45,639 applied to run for parliamentary elections so far: HEC
Candidates have submitted applications to run for Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections - YOUM7

CAIRO: So far 45,639 potential candidates have submitted applications to run for Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections, Head of High Elections Committee Judge Ayman Abbas told Youm7 Tuesday.

“Since the door was opened to accept candidacy applications on Feb. 8 and until Monday,  the number of independent candidates that have declared candidacy to run the parliamentary election reached 3,161 while the party-based ones stood at around 1,375,” said Abbas.

Egypt’s 2015 parliament will comprise of 567 seats: 420 to be elected as individuals, and 120 through the winner-take-all party lists, with 27 seats will be appointed by the president.

Candidates who are seeking to run for parliamentary polls began registering Feb. 8.  The registration process, originally scheduled to be closed Tuesday at 2:00 p.m., was extended for more two days until Feb. 19.

The HEC stated Sunday that the extension will allow candidates to finish their required documents, particularly after the High Administrative Court issued Feb. 11 a decision amending medical checkup requirements for the candidates.

In January, the HEC announced that the parliamentary election would be held in two phases: Egyptians in 14 of the country’s 27 governorates will go to the polls from March 22-23 with runoffs scheduled for April 1-2. Others in 13 governorates will vote April 26-27 with runoffs from May 6-7.

As for Egyptians abroad, the first round will be held March 21 and the second will be conducted April 25; both for two consecutive days.

The maximum campaign spending allowed for candidates will be 500,000 EGP ($69,000) in the first round (200,000 EGP in case the individual candidate is campaigning for re-election,) Abbas said in a news conference Jan. 13.

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