Egypt Press Review: December 4
Egypt Press Review: Jan. 10

Egypt Press reported Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri did not yet formed his ministry and chairman of Egypt’s ruling military council Hussein Tantawi will issue a statement by the end of the week.



Salafi media spokesman Sheikh Abdel Moneim el-Shahat said non-Muslim membership in the People’s Assembly must be investigated because the parliament gathers between legislation and monitoring the government.

He added non-Muslims have the right to oversee the government but they are not suitable to issue legislations because they did not study the Islamic Sharia law, which is the main source of legislation.

“Appointing Coptic Christians in posts also needs to be investigated,” al-Shahat said. “Coptic Christians are fit for executive and advisory tasks, such as head of doctors, engineers or any other executive post.”

Al-Shahat considered women’s participation in the parliament is ‘evil.’ “A woman’s main field is the house and her main role is to raise young children,” according to al-Shahat.

He also said Salafis aim to apply the Islamic Sharia law as the basic source of legislation and to freedom.

Tahrir Square protesters announced they will continue their sit-in until their demands are achieved. They demanded Egypt’s ruling military council to step down from political leadership and hand over power to an elected civil authority.

The protestors also demanded the army to return to their barracks to secure Egypt’s borders. They also demanded the dismissal of Egypt’s newly appointed Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri government, to form a national salvation government with full power, the dismissal of the Egyptian General Attorney because he concealed the crimes of the former regime, to hold instant trials for all police and army officers involved in killing revolution martyrs, to compensate the martyrs’ and injured families, to immediately release all detainees and transfer their cases to civil courts and to remove the barrier built in Mohammed Mahmoud St.

The protestors said their sit-in will not obstruct traffic or disrupt the citizens’ interests. They also said they will secure the officials’ and employees’ way into the Mugamma, the governmental building that houses various ministries and issues passports and visas in Tahrir Square.



The newspaper was informed chairman of Egypt’s ruling military council Hussein Tantawi will issue a decree about the formation of civil advisory council by the end of the week. He will also announce the names of the advisory council members.

The council will discuss Egypt’s affairs and public opinion issues. The military council will present law projects and international agreement to the council.

The council must announce opinions of issues in a week at most.


Designated Egyptian Minister of Finance Mumtaz al-Saeed said during in his first statement, the Ministry of Finance will work to meet sectarian demands. He also will not give promises that cannot be met.

He added the new government’s top priority to determine maximum and minimum wages. He said the ministry will announce maximum wages within a month or two.


Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Broadcaster Emad al-Deeb said during his interview with the newspaper the current People’s Assembly is a rehearsal for the upcoming one.

He also said the most important gains of the parliamentary elections is the high attendance rate and how civilians, other than politicians and political party members, participated in this elections.

“It is the first time in 5,400 years, that Egyptians stand in an orderly queue in the longest time in their lives, not for chicken, a loaf of bread or for pension, but to vote in free and fair elections,” al-Deeb said. “It is the first time Egyptians know their votes will make a difference.” Al-Deeb also added it’s the first time the majority is not for the party support in the authority.

Sources of the newspaper revealed Gamal Mubarak, his mother Susan Thabet Mubarak and former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, tried to give up a project to develop an irrigation farm in the old lands of Wadi Al-Gadid and the Delta to an Israeli company.

According to sources, the total cost of the project reached up to more than 40 billion EGP. Gamal Mubarak is expected to have a large commission from the Israeli company if that suspicion deal is completed.

Former Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Mahmoud Abu Zeid, said Gamal Mubarak, Susan Mubarak and Nazif tried to get his approval for the project. However, he opposed the project. Gamal Mubarak therefore fired him from his post.



Former member of parliamentary Georgette Qolly said during an interview with the newspaper the parliamentary elections was a surprise to most Egyptians and the world in terms of unprecedented demand rates of women participation.

“The law of corrupting political life in Egypt has been delayed several times, but suddenly released after recent protest in Tahrir Square,” Qolly said.



A source in Suez Canal Authority said the Suez Canal marked an increase in the number of ships passing through the navigation path yesterday December 4.

They said there are 64 ships with a total load of 2.014 metric tons that passed across the canal yesterday December 3. The canal got an interest of 108 million EGP.

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