Police hunt launched after assailants set fire to telecom center 
Molotov Bomb - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Unknown assailants threw six Molotov cocktails at a telecommunication center in the May 15 district of Cairo Sunday; no injuries were reported.

A subsequent fire was managed by firefighters who headed to the site once they were notified, Youm7 reported through security forces.

Amid their search for any inflammable substances, the bomb squad found 13 Molotov cocktails near the center.

Security forces announced intensified efforts to arrest the perpetrators.

Many public services including telecommunication centers, restaurants and others have been targeted by attackers, amid daily violence acts hitting the streets across Egypt.

During the past weeks, the American fast-food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken in different governorates have been an unlikely, yet repeated, target by assailants.

One of the KFC attacks that occurred earlier this month in Menoufia governorate led to the death of 18yr old worker who was burnt to death after assailants set fire to the restaurant.

A newly-established group called the “Giza Popular Resistance” claimed responsibility for attack against the Haram branch of KFC on its facebook page.

Last week, six were reportedly arrested for allegedly being complicit torching the Emirates National Bank of Dubai and the KFC branch in Haram. Others were also arrested for their alleged implication in the arson of a store of cell phone provider Mobinil on Haram Street in Feb.11.

Power generators, high-voltage and cell phone towers have also been frequent targets for acts of sabotage, especially in the aftermath of the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013. The Ministry of Electricity repeatedly announced the loss incurred from explosions at electricity towers is estimated at millions of pounds.

Additional reporting by Abdel Rahman Sayed and Nourhan Magdi


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