Mother of abused baby accuses uncle of throwing daughter in garbage

CAIRO: The mother of a baby found beaten in the trash accused her child’s paternal uncle of abusing her.

Rodaina, a 15-month-old baby girl was found in a pile of garbage on Feb. 13 and she was suffering from a fracture in her foot and bruises on her face, said a woman named Fatima who found her.

Rodaina’s mother Dina, accused her daughter’s paternal uncle of beating and torturing the child. She said in an interview with “10 P.M.” talk show Saturday that due to her deteriorating financial situation after her husband abandoned the family, she asked her husband’s relatives for a monthly allowance, but they refused.

She told the program she asked the baby’s uncle to raise two of her children and brought them to him in January, but two days later he left the children with her neighboring supermarket’s owner.



Three weeks ago, she asked again the uncle to care only her daughter, Rodaina; the uncle’s cousin called the mother and told her that daughter had broken a bone. She called the uncle to ask about her daughter, but he claimed she was at her grandfather’s house.

After a photo of Rodaina was published in Youm7 after she was found, Qalyubiyah police directorate received a phone called from a man called Eid Adel Eid who claimed that he was the baby’s uncle. He said the baby disappeared from her grandfather’s house last Thursday.

Dina told the program that when she called her daughter’s uncle he confessed having abused her, nad threatened Dina with throwing acid at her if she were to approach them again.

Dina is a mother of three children; a boy from her first marriage and the other two daughters for the second husband who left his family.

“I do not know where is my husband,” she added, “we are six people living in a two-room house including me, my three children, my mother , sister and her son.”

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