Egypt Press Review: December 5

Egypt press reported the Islamists’ attack on Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris, Egypt’s ruling military council announced it will issue amendments to the constitutional declaration to give Prime minister more power.


Egyptian author and Islamic thinker Fahmi Howeidi said in an interview to the newspaper that he objects Islamists entering political life because they are part of a religious movement, not political. He adds the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) existed since 1928 and only entered political life in February 2011. He believes this is not enough time is to shift from religious life to politics.

Sources indicated it is likely the most important ministry Egypt’s designated Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri has to deal with is the Ministry of Communications and Information. If al-Gancouri manages to dismiss Osama Heikal from being head of Maspiro, it will indicate Aal-Ganzouri took full power from Egypt’s ruling military council.

The sources also said the announcement of the ministerial line-up has been postponed due to the difficulty of choosing candidates for the ministries of Interior and Communications.


Both Islamists and liberal groups launched a strong attack on Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris, because of his comments to a Canadian TV channel in which he called for Western countries to support liberal parties and civil rights in Egypt, to stop the advance of Islamists to power. He compared the situation in Egypt after the Egyptian January 25 Revolution to the situation in Iran after their revolution of 1979.

The newspaper received reports that Egypt’s ruling military council will issue amendments to the constitutional decree to grant greater powers to Kamal al-Ganzouri within a few days, enabling him to perform his duties in the service of Egyptians at this stage.

Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Vice President of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Essam el-Erian said the FJP does not seek to impose Islamic values on Egyptians.

“We represent a moderate and fair party and we want to apply the law in a way that secures human rights and personal freedoms. The group does not share the Salafi Nour Party’s aspirations to impose strict Islamic law on the personal life of Egyptians. We respect people’s choice of religion and way of life,” El-Erian said.

El-Erian urged politicians to accept the election results and says, “We want everyone to accept the democratic system as it is a guarantee of stability.”

Egyptian presidential candidate Amr Moussa said the first post-revolution parliament will be unclear before the end of the voting process. “Egyptian must wait and see what the Islamists will do,” he added.

Moussa said the constitutional debate would be very serious and very difficult. “I do not think any party can impose its own principles,” he said and added the constitution should be the result of consensus and public debate among the people, especially since the liberal parties are very strong.

Moussa stressed the need to accept the strong performance of Islamist parties in the first phase of the parliamentary elections. He said their success is evidence of the democratic experiment in Egypt and called upon the MB and its competitors to accept the will of people. He pointed out he was satisfied about the application of the democratic process.


Chairman of the Technical Office of the SEC Youssry Abdul Karim said the runoff elections in the districts of Asyut and Alexandria were not cancelled, adding the elections will be held today December 5 and tomorrow December 6 as scheduled in all nine governorates.

The union of the Silent Majority Coalitions issued a statement saying they will stop demonstrating in Abbaseya Square to give al-Ganzouri a chance to implement his new policies.

The statement also indicated the protestors believe the Abbaseya protests were part of the reason for a large turnout of voters in the elections. It also supported Egypt’s ruling military council.


The Ministry of Administrative Development said voting in the runoff elections will begin at 2 P.M. for Egyptians abroad today December 5.
The acting Minister of Administrative Development Ashraf Abdel-Wahab said the data of voters and candidates were uploaded to the SEC website since Friday December 2 and can be printed out and sent to all Egyptian embassies abroad.

Winner of the parliamentary seat in the district of Heliopolis Amr Hamzawi called for an end to fear regarding the Islamist parties winning the highest percentage of votes in the parliamentary elections. He believes the votes will be more balanced in the next phases.


The attributes of justice, integrity, honor and conscience topped the list of characteristics and qualities the voters see is needed for the personality of the next president, according to a poll conducted by the National Center for Social and Criminological Research.

A total of 52.5 percent of samples surveyed in 26 governorates are of the opinion these are the basic qualities a president should have.

With regard to the preference of presidency candidates, Amr Moussa came at the top of the poll with 23.2 percent, followed by Hamdeen Sabbahi by 5.8 percent and in third place was Salim Al-Awa with 4.6 percent. The rest of the percentages were as follows; Ahmed Shafik with 4.5 percent, Ayman Nour with 4.4 percent, Mohamed el-Baradei with 4 percent and Hazem Salah Abu Ismail in last place of preferred presidential candidates.

The Ministry of Interior issued a statement saying Ahmed Farrag, who was accused of shooting demonstrators through media in Mohamed Mahmoud St. was not in Cairo at the time of the clashes.
The public prosecutor was informed of this and is currently investigating this allegation.


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