Egypt Press Review: December 11

Egyptian media outlets yesterday reported that the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior intends to cleanse the department of thugs and criminals. In addition, newspapers wrote of a suit to suspend the Supreme Electoral Committee’s call to refer those who did not vote to prosecution.


The Salafist support of Tarek Talaat Mustafa is confusing, reported Mahmoud el-Khodairy, the former vice-president of the Court of Cassation and new parliament member.

“This is confusing because the Salafis supported former regime members in Egypt,” said el-Khodairy. “The Freedom and Justice Party was effective in my win in the recent elections.”

“Mustafa sought support from the FJP, but failed in this mission.”

He also asked the Egyptian people to give the Islamists a chance, adding that if they cannot achieve gains, new elections will oust them.


The new parliament is the only body in charge of convening the committee that will draft the next constitution, said Gen. Mamdouh Shahin, a member of the Egyptian military ruling council.

“The advisory council and the military council will have no part in selecting the committee members,” he said.

He also affirmed the military council’s commitment to the constitutional declaration, adding that it will be an advisory document that does not hold legislative power.

The Freedom and Justice Party refused to participate in the advisory council.

Al-Masry Al-Youm

The advisory council will hold its first session on Sunday, during which members will choose the president, the senior members and the secretary-general. The Al-Wasat Party threatened to withdraw from the council if the military council does not follow the council’s recommendations.

New Egyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim today said that he met with Prime Minister Kamal el-Ganzouri and decided to prevent the police from interfering with protestors.

The police forces will face thugs and outlaws within a human rights and legal framework, he added.


Military council member Gen. Mamdouh Shahin today said that Gen. Al Moulla’s statements express only his point of view, not that of the military council.

The advisory council will not take part in parliamentary authority and the army’s position in the new constitution will not deviate from its current role under the existing constitution, Shahin added.


Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is in stable condition, reported Doctor Yasser Abdel Kadir, the physician responsible for monitoring the ousted leader’s health.

Those elected to the parliament by Egyptians should cooperate to unite all Egyptian people and achieve the will of the nation, said Mohamed Badie, the guide for the Muslim Brotherhood.


A new lawsuit emerged recently that seeks to suspend the referral of Egyptian non-voters to prosecution, as ordered by the Supreme Electoral Committee.

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