Stolen cables stop Cairo Metro service
Metro station - YOUM7

CAIRO: Cairo’s main Metro line stopped operation Thursday morning after several electrical cables were discovered to have been stolen, sources told Youm7.

Ali Al-Fadaly, head of the Metro Operating Company stated the absence of cables in a space of about 500 meters between the Dar Al-Salam and Sayeda Zainab stations forced all train movement in the first line to stop.

Fadaly assured that maintenance teams are working on the malfunction to repair it as soon as they can.

Technical malfunctions take place from time to time affecting the metro movement. In February 2014, the first line was reported to stop due to electricity disruption. it was added that unidentified persons had cut the cables.

September 2014 sudden and massive power outage hit number of Egypt’s governorates causing several malfunctions including the stopping of all Metro train service.

During the past months, several separate attacks as well were reported in Metro stations, as amateur bombs were found inside garbage bins earlier, and there were attempts to torch two stations Feb. 23.

The fires in both Maasara and Mounib metro stations were controlled by the fire forces; and an investigation was opened to determine those responsible.

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