Video: 6 ‘transsexuals’ arrested for alleged prostitution

CAIRO: Six alleged male to female transsexuals and a biological female were arrested Thursday at a cabaret on Haram Street in Giza for soliciting prostitution, Youm7 reported.

The police said they received information that a large number of homosexuals and transsexuals, pimped by the 21-year-old woman, will gather at the cabaret with a price of 3,000 EGP ($390) per hour with any of them, according to Youm7.

The group allegedly created pornographic websites and posted what are claimed to be their pictures in drag and phone numbers. Screenshots of the alleged websites, provided by Youm7, show tags such as “shemale.”

Noura, the alleged pimp, was arrested discussing deals with customers after the suspects “provocatively danced in almost naked” drag.

Among those arrested are Mahmoud, 19, Mohamed, 21, and Tareq, 29. Their wigs and female underwear were seized as “evidence,” Youm7 reported.

In a video published by Youm7, Tarek denied he had a website, saying he was illiterate. Mahmoud, on the other hand, said “I do not know how we go to hang out and this happens.”

Mahmoud and other suspects denied they knew each other, while another suspect said he was at the cabaret to celebrate his birthday and had “a coat over his clothes.”

Meanwhile, Mohamed said he had come from Alexandria with friends to party before they attend a wedding in Cairo Friday. He was quoted by Youm7 as saying they “were sitting just like the foreigners, then they came and took us.”

Prostitution is illegal in the Egyptian law, but homosexuality is not explicitly outlawed. Gay men, however, are often arrested on charges of “habitual debauchery” in public areas.

A court, unconvinced with the prosecution evidence, acquitted 26 men of debauchery in January after they were arrested in a public bath on charges of partaking in homosexual orgies.


Additional reporting by Mohamed Ibrahim and Ahmed Abdel Hady

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