Ministry of Manpower releases info on work permits for foreigners
Minister of manpower Nahed Ashry - YOUM7

CAIRO: The work permits of 167 foreigners were canceled after their renewal grace periods ended, and 251 new foreign workers were given permits, the Ministry of Manpower said in a Sunday statement.

The permits of 367 other foreigners were renewed for working in “no contention for jobs for Egyptians,” as their employers need them for expertise “unavailable among their Egyptian counterparts,” according to the statement.

Another 230 foreigners were exempted from the terms of employment for reasons such as being married to an Egyptian for at least five years or having a child with one.

The exemption also applies to foreign women married to Egyptians who since passed away or from whom they have divorced, but with whom they have children.

Foreigners born in Egypt or who have constantly resided in the country for at least 15 years without leaving for over six months every year, are exempted from work permits and residency registration.

Political refugees and stateless people who have permanently resided in Egypt, and foreigners with a constant 10-year special residency or five-year ordinary residency are also exempted.

Expats who reside in Egypt upon international agreements approved by the president and the parliament to execute national projects, and who work in the tourism sector at the request of the Ministry of Tourism are exempted.

Regarding Palestinians, they are exempted if they hold passports issued by the Palestinian Authority with a temporary residency unrelated to tourism. Gazans with Jordanian passports valid for two years are exempted, as well. Palestinians with travel documents issued by Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan are exempted.

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