Egyptians mock IS anthem
Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq - REUTERS

CAIRO: In each video released by the Islamic State (IS) group of Iraq and Syria, the militants include their anthem of Salil al-Sawarim, translating to “the clanking of sharpened swords.”

In a way to mock the militants group, a number of Egyptians have remixed the anthem music, incorporating pop culture references.

One new sarcastic version includes video footage from well-know Egyptian comedy  films.  Another video shows that students from two rival schools in a competition; both of the teams are dancing to the remixed Salil al-Sawarim.

reloaded by the Egyptian Comedy Tahees  Youtube channel.

Social media users were active in their mocking at the group as the hashtag of #صليل_الصوارم  was trending in Egypt; according to, 160 users tweets this hashtag per hour on Sunday.


Some fans of the parody anthem filmed guests dancing to it at a wedding party.

Many Twitter users also re-tweeted another video showing the U.S. actor Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing, with “Salil al-Sawarim” superimposed over the original audio. The video has since been removed from YouTube.

Here are a few more videos that have made the rounds in Egyptian social media:

Featuring Egyptian actor Ahmed Mekky:

Three girls acted out a beheading scene, then dancing to the remixed song:

Three men wearing clothing and beards associated with extremely conservative hard-line Islamists, who usually refrain from music or dancing, jamming to the anthem.

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