Week of Palestinian Cinema kicks off in Cairo
Palestinian movie makers Badr and Ibrahim Lama - screeshot from Palestinian TV documentary

CAIRO: The Week of Palestinian Cinema kicked off at the Cairo Opera House Monday in cooperation with the Palestinian embassy and the Cultural Development Fund, Youm7 reported.

“Palestinian cinema production is recent and limited; it nevertheless conveyed the suffering of the Palestinian people and the justice of the Palestinian cause. Hence, it has received international awards and attention,” Palestinian ambassador to Cairo Jamal al-Shobaki said at the event.

However, he added that Palestine has an old record in the field of cinema, citing Palestinian brothers Ibrahim and Badr Lama, whose first film was produced in 1926.

The brothers produced several iconic films in the history of Arab cinema before the Nakba (catastrophe,) when the state of Israel was established in 1948.

Palestine had a cinema and theatre industry but the Israeli occupation “fragmented the Palestinian social fabric,” said Shobaki, who is also the Palestinian delegate at the Arab League.

The first film was screened in Palestine as early as in 1900 at Europa Hotel in Jerusalem, according to a Palestinian documentary on the Lama brothers.

Palestinian directors chose Cairo to screen Palestinian movies to convey the justice of their demands and clarify the forms of suffering and oppression they experienced under occupation, Shobaki said.

Palestinian and Egyptian actors emphasized at the event that Palestinian films documenting the history of the country and the suffering of its people is a form of resistance.

The event was dedicated to late Palestinian actor Ghassan Matar, who died in Cairo last week.

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